Yamaha WaveRunner Has Got Your Back


Having a Waverunner to run on waves is just the coolest thing to do in summer. The summer’s arrival is when most riders get excited as they get to bring out their Waverunners and introduce them to water waves. However, many Waverunners are doing a great job in providing the comfort and joy of riding over the waves to riders.

But Yamaha still has got its distinct place. Yamaha is the company that introduced Waverunner in the first place, and they designed the cabinet all in-house. Finding a Waverunner jet ski for sale in good shape will be great luck you will have.

This is why many such features make Yamaha Waverunner the number one choice for most riders. Many people choose the wave runners produced by Yamaha, and there are quite some reasons for it. If you are eager to know what they are, keep reading ahead.  Make sure you know these features before you look for any PWC for sale.


Yamaha is known for bringing passion and innovation together. They create great value and experiences that enrich the lives of their customers. They have designed their Waverunners most elegantly and stylishly.

This feature of design doesn’t lose its functionality as well. These Waverunners are sharp and have a fast speed on water waves. The engineering and manufacturing of Yamaha Waverunner are built to make people fall in love with it. The sleek designs allow riders to have a smooth and safe journey over the waves.

A few parts that make up its design are as follows

– Multi mount system that easily affixes accessories

– The footwell drain has self-draining footwells to keep water from pooling

– The reboarding step was made to help make the reboarding easier after a swim. It easily tucks away while not in use

– Narrow and deep ergonomics that are deeper footwells and the design of the seat gives enough knee grip and comfort

The glove box is a huge LED lightning inside and has a dedicated area for smartphone riders to carry along. It also has a USB port and also 12V power outlet

– Upgraded tow hook

– Pull up cleats

– Greater storage capacity



There is a wide range of technological features added into the craft of Yamaha Waverunner over time. It is made to suit the needs and comfort of the riders. Much technological advancement is made in recent models, whereas the older ones are greatly compatible too.

You can find these features’ right use while you step onto the water surface and realize how big of comfort they are while you ride. The WaveRunner jet ski for sale, either new or old models will have great features. The technological features are as under:

– 4.3-inch connect helm control paired with a multi-color LCD comes with many functions like the Pin code security system and the DRIVE control. You can have full control of it using the touchpad next to the steering

– 1.8 HO engine has huge power delivery coming from the displacement, High Output 1812cc engine in exhilaration. The hyper flow jet pump has 3 blade impeller that helps in turning the power to electrifying acceleration. The EFI which is the Electronic Fuel Injection provides smooth power output and gives efficient and economical running. This happens even on regular unleaded fuel.

– NanoXcel Deck and Hull give an impressive power-weight ratio, industry-leading fuel efficiency, and agile ride.

– Ride the driver’s switch from forward back to neutral and reverse with only a single pull of the throttle resulting in easier deceleration, docking, and reversing.

– Cruise assists and no-wake mode; this gives you the perfect towing speed and easy navigating no-wake zones.

Ease of use

You will definitely look for ease and comfort while you look for any PWC for sale. Waverunners by Yamaha are all very smooth and safe to travel in. most wave runners get the throttle to steer well enough.

When you first take a turn, you will have to give enough throttle to the watercraft to steer. You will find everything written on the manual that comes along. You can also look for simple methods to drive the Yamaha Waverunner.

The simple and easy-to-understand codes and keys are just so much fun to add. You need to be skilled enough to drive on water. You will have to start Yamaha Waverunner with a throttle in the beginning.

Great prices

Yamaha Waverunner is not only efficient and technologically smart, but it also comes at great prices too. You get all those cool ridings over the waves functions at moderate prices.

The different models come in different features, and only a few of them that are high in speed and are built for racing purposes are higher in price. The rest is just ideal for anyone to buy. If you want a Waverunner for sale that is pre-owned as well, you can do a few simple searches and hunt the best deal out.

A few examples of price ranges and the models of wave runners by Yamaha are given below

  • Yamaha Waverunner EX. $8,499.00
  • Yamaha Waverunner EX Deluxe. $11,199.00
  • Yamaha Waverunner EXR. $12,599.00
  • Yamaha WaveRunner VX Deluxe. $15,699
  • Yamaha WaveRunner VX Cruiser $16,099
  • Yamaha Waverunner VX Cruiser HO $17,899
  • Yamaha WaveRunner GP1800-RHO $18,399
  • Yamaha Waverunner GP1800-R SVHO $22,499


This is explained as pulling the right lever to speed up, pulling the left lever to go in reverse, pull the left level while going fast to decrease the speed. You can also pull both of the levers together in combination, and your system will recognize your intentions and give you precise controls at all speeds all the time. You can release both levers to go back to neutral.

The operation is quite simple, with no manual shifting and no complicated processes. Having this Waverunner benefits include enhanced and smooth deceleration full control, and a limited nose dive. Find PWC for sale near me if you want the next-level experience of riding over waves.

Different series

– Rec Lite series

– Recreation series

– Luxury series

– Performance series

– Stand up series

Out of these, you can choose which suits you best and for what purpose you are getting a Yamaha WaveRunner for sale

What Should I Remember While Going On Yamaha Waverunner?

Though driving the wave runners is a fun job, it involves an equal amount of risk. It would help if you were well-skilled and also should be wearing appropriate clothing to enjoy the ride and not have any mishaps.

A used PWC for sale must be thoroughly checked by a mechanic for malfunctions.  A few things that you must keep in mind while going on a ride of Yamaha Waverunner are as under

– Avoid obstacles

When you face an obstacle and avoid it by turning away the handlebars, you should not release the throttle. These watercraft operate on propulsion thrust, and if you release this throttle, the craft won’t change the direction, so you will be moving straight forward.

And this may also end up drifting you into the obstacle you wanted to avoid. In these situations, give your watercraft enough gas to let you quickly change the direction and also keep away from the coming obstacles.

– Keep an eye on other WaveRunner

You never know where a rider is coming from; hence make sure you can look far onto the water surface. If you decide to change your direction, suddenly, the riders behind you might end up running into you.

When you are changing directions first, look left and right and make sure all are safe before the turn. Always maintain a safe distance from other watercraft to avoid any accidents.

– Your action when Waverunner slips over

If it flips over, always make sure that the engine is shut and try moving around till the back of this Waverunner. The whole carburetor is on the right side of Waverunner so if you are turning the Waverunner upright, make sure you rotate it in a clockwise direction. Look for PWC for sale near me once you learn these precautions.

– Your action when a passenger falls

If such an incident happens, reach out for their help at once. Release the throttle as the rider falls into the water and always keep an eye on it. One other approach is to reach the person coming from the downside. After you reach the person, just shut off the engine and pull the fallen rider back to the Waverunner.

Yamaha wave runners are assembled in YMMC in Newnan, Georgia. Around 1500 people are working here and are renowned for technological innovations and commitment to deliver the highest quality in manufacture and build. The used PWC for sale is all well suited to customer needs if they are maintained well.

They are effectively working on reducing the carbon footprint of their products and are trying to decrease the harm done to the earth through the production of machinery. Yamaha successfully came up with this watercraft as it was already quite famous for producing small engines in outboard motor fields.

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